Momma (mcmars) wrote in micasummer2005,

I know this is a community for the students but as a TARC, I wanted to say hello and tell you how much we all miss you. Honestly, you were an amazing group of students, residents, and friends. It feels really odd not seeing you all together and not seeing some of you in my core studio. I, along with most of the TARCs, become really used to seeing and talking to you .

A lot of us would love to get to know you all better with having to yell: "find two more people" or "get to bed" or "fucking ....(insert name here)!"

And if you were in Nick or Adam O's community you might have gotten a call at 10:30 to go check-in....

We were also planning on dressing as you guys for Halloween. I know Caroline, Tom, and Aimee came up candidates for dress up.

We had a meeting with faculty and staff and we were all just incredibly impressed by your work and attitude (and also working out any of kinks of this years program).

Good luck with everything and hope you all continue in the arts! (and e-mail your friends and TARCs! they miss you!)

::TARC Kate::
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