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MICA 2005

MICA Pre-College Summer Residency Program 2005
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This is for the kids going to MICA for the summer program, June 25 - July 23 2005. If you're out there, come join!
3d imaging, 4:30 check-in, adam o, alex fucking hagen, animation, art, artscape, baltimore, bubbles, cafe doris, ceramics, climbing through windows, coffee houses, cuba cuba cuba, darkroom photography, digital photography, drawing, drawing models, elevators, environmental design, fourth floor hair salons, fucking webber, green balls, groups of three, illustration, jaime, macs, maryland institute, mica, mica pre-college, micard, newspaper towers, norman bates, not curfew, not meyerhoff food, painting, photography, piano fun, pirate fridays, porkchop sandwiches, pre-college, save-a-lot, sidewalk chalk, summer 2005, tarcs, the commons, the gatehouse, the meyerhoff, tiny tears of rage, video, wednesday half days