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hey guys!
this is cool! i thought i might find one of these for MICA on livejournal... don't know exactly who anybody is... but i am one of the five emily's that was there. i was in video.
i am haveing the worst time adjusting to home. i am still like- time for check in soon right?-
oh well. i miss everyone!
if you know me... i was in video core class
computer imaging workshop
mr. mann's afternoon art history
adam and nick's residency group
the room with the jokes on the door
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JOKE DOOR! Oh man, you never put up another one! ;-;
about those jokes.... they were in my roomate's book. no more ever came up so we just couldn't put up another one. it wouldn't have been as fun! sorry! i really wanted to just make some up but she said it wouldn't be the same. they had to be crossing the road ones
very sad indeed. :/
That chicken one had me chucklin', I tell you what!
awww emily!! i miss you!!

it's the OTHER rachel m.
hey! it's kristen from video core
kristen! you might be able to help me!...i need to know the exhibits we went to for video class... you know the one in central park and junk... do you remember the names? i need them for the MICA application!



February 9 2006, 00:33:09 UTC 12 years ago

yeah, we saw the janet cardiff audio/instillation piece in central park and the visual music (June 23 - Sept 11) exhibit at the hirshorn in dc (some random names from that: Jordan Belson, James Whitney) good luck with your app!